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Development of graphite alkene industry into the fast lane

            As industrialization accelerates the speed of graphene related technical achievements,enhance the degree of agglomeration, Wuxi graphene related enterprises in June 12th, "the 2014 Wuxi graphene production research Matchmaking Symposium" in Huishan national hi tech Venture Center of Wuxi industry development demonstration zone held graphene.National Center for nanoscience, Tsinghua first joint laboratory of Zhejiang University, Wuxi,nano materials of General Grievous electronic thin film science and technology limited company 10 technical team and more than 40 enterprises, the financial enterprise projects docking. The district Party Committee Standing Committee, Development Zone Management Committee Director Yang Jianping, China graphene industry technology innovation strategicalliance Secretary General Li Yichun attended the activity.

            "In graphene industrialization, Chinese at the forefront of the world, Wuxi walk in the forefront of Chinese." Li Yichun on graphene prospects want to be valued. The end of last year, with the development of the framework of Wuxi graphene industry "a zone two center" was formally established, Huishan graphene industrialization development is the fastest horses up. At present, the demonstration zone has formed a research and development, application areas,industrial incubator to accelerate the development of District, comprehensive supporting areafour functional areas, the introduction of the sixth elements of General Grievous, electronic,the combined force of photoelectric 11 related enterprises and team. Wuxi graphenetechnology and application of R & D center of graphene and graphene public public R & Dlaboratory instrument equipment R & D platform have been put into construction, equipmentinvestment more than 50000000 yuan. Graphene by province quality supervision and inspection center to build the demonstration zone and Jiangsu special inspection instituteWuxi branch has research and laboratory area of nearly 20000 square meters, will becomethe highest domestic professional inspection and testing capability and level of quality inspection center. So far, the demonstration zone has been in the domestic first to build atrans, downstream of the whole industry chain.

            On the meeting, the success of "hand" national demonstration area of large scientificinstrument center, Chinese graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, Fengdomain mining Limited by Share Ltd. Among them, Feng domain mining with graphite oreChinese and even the world's largest, a total of 50000000 tons, will provide the graphite rich raw materials and high quality for the demonstration area of Shi Moxi related enterprises. The scene, Wuxi carbon century science and technology limited company, Jiangsu Dawson New Material Co Ltd, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuxi's first Oriental nano science and technology limited company and other 6 enterprises be settled down and teamsigning.

            Then, National Center for nanoscience, Tsinghua sokang nano material, China Joint Laboratory of Shanghai Academy of Sciences Institute of Microsystem and information technology, Zhejiang University graphene power generation and heat radiation application team, Feng domain mining Limited by Share Ltd, Ji'nan Moxi new Mstar Technology Ltd,Hangzhou Gelan Feng nano science and Technology Co Ltd, Wuxi General GrievousElectronic Thin Film Technology Co. Ltd., Wuxi sixth elements hi tech Development Co Ltd,Wuxi carbon century science and technology limited company and other units technical responsible person respectively made graphene field of the latest achievements in the introduction, not less patent technology has aroused keen concern of the traditionalenterprises mister, expressed willingness to continue to strengthen communication and docking.

            It is understood, to 2020, the demonstration zone will be built into the 5-8 NationalEngineering (Technology) center, and on a touch screen, a lithium battery, heat conducting film, composite materials such as graphene application areas take the lead in realizing a series of major breakthroughs.

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